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In the Beginning

October 10, 2010

I’ve been meaning to get the ball rolling on this blog for a few weeks, but I’m just now getting to it. At any rate, I still feel ahead of the game (or at least on target) in terms of where I am in the research project process. Working through readings and exercises in Dr. Nancy Allen’s class, ENGL 621: Research and Practice of Writing, has helped me develop a better big picture understanding of the project. Readings, responses, and extended discussions in Dr. Steve Benninghoff’s ENGL 524: Advanced Technical Writing and Research, in which I’m concurrently registered, have proved valuable in augmenting my own processing of some of the new concepts I’m encountering in Dr. Allen’s class. I’ve also been able to directly apply some of the ideas, techniques, and theories from 621 directly to my work in 524. The overlap between these two courses, along with the connections I’m making to previous Written Communication – Professional Writing classes, has really energized me and helped me better articulate and understand my MA program.

I’m really in just the initial stages of crafting my research project, but I’m already deeply indebted to my project advisor, Dr. Steven D. Krause. We’ve had two face-to-face discussions wherein Dr. Krause has helped me ¬†understand the department’s expectations and refine my focus – specifically in terms of crafting a research question and supporting problem statements. I’m very pleased that Dr. Krause has agreed to see me through this project. I specifically chose him because he demands excellence from his students. I’m definitely no stranger to hard work, but I’m even more apt to succeed when there are respectful external expectations. I also find Dr. Krause’s general style/approach similar to my own: goal oriented, yet relaxed and friendly – just the right balance of professional and casual. Very 2.0.

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